Friday, August 22, 2008

I slept like shit last night. I woke up around midnight and had to pee and just as I was finishing up, what do I see scurry across the tub? A fucking cockroach. It's the first one I've seen in a week, but I - like many others - hate those motherfucking things. Hate, hate, hate. I caught the little fucker and flushed him and the building has been sprayed down twice and we have roach motels everywhere, but still... It's hard to go back to sleep when you envision roaches everywhere. :(

Then there were people outside from like 2AM to 5AM. Talking, laughing, smoking. I fucking hate living in the city.

Then at about 3:30AM the fucker (literally) upstairs decided to dance on his mattress. The odd thing is that while we hear him going at it - or at least the mattress being abused and bounced on - we *never* hear or see anyone but him. DH and I have decided this morning that dude might have a blow up doll or something.

I fucking HATE where we live!

What little dreaming I did do last night involved water and a shark and some other people. I don't know who the other people were but there were two other people and they fell into the water. There was some sort of raft or something in the middle - they were on one side, I was on the other. That's when I saw a shark's fin coming toward the other two and then I *felt* it brush up against me. Freaky.

Prior to going to sleep last night, S and I watched some of the Olympics and just hung out on the couch. He was extra affectionate for some reason, really looking at me and smiling and telling me several times how lucky he felt to get to spend every day with me. :) Then he said the last time he really felt so good about life was the night before his car got stolen in late January. :( I asked if he felt like that when I was pregnant as I know, for me, it was some of the best days of my life, and he said that every day is wonderful, but that he has moments when he feels like his life is magical or something. :)

I'd be about 10 weeks right now... I'd be gearing up to tell folks after my bday in two weeks. Really! What an awesome bday present that would have been - to turn 36 and be 12 weeks pregnant and to be able to share that with those closest to us.

Meh, it'll still happen some day.


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