Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Bizarro Dream

I'm not really sure how I dreamed at all last night considering I barely slept at all due to some Mariachi band playing right next door till midnight and the guy upstairs from us "dancing" on his bed all night long... nevertheless, I had some crazy dream last night that involved my narcissistic sister of all people.

We were in Texas of all places and we were in some hospital or some prison or something. My sister was some guard and instead of being her sister I was her daughter (she's 7 years older in real life). Lines of people - females - were walking like robots in every direction. There was this little Asian girl who looked to be about 10 or so, whose eyes were decorated with heavy black eye makeup. She had this smile on her face and she was the only one smiling and it was because one of the guards - a man, the only man - said that she was pretty.

Another older girl walked by soon after and she said the guard told her she was pretty too and she, too, was smiling and had dark eye makeup on. I told them both they looked the same and that's why the guard liked them. I knew he wouldn't like me because I looked nothing like them.

Someone said that I was the pretty daughter of my sister and the male guard overheard and came to me and told me that it was OK because I was my sister's daughter - never mentioning that I was pretty.

This allowed us to get the help we needed from a hospital far away in southern Texas. So we loaded up my car (the same one I drive in real life) and headed out toward Southern Texas.


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