Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dear Readers,

I've been blogging for several years but it was always as someone other than me - if that makes sense. I don't like hurting people with my thoughts, so I always falsified my real identity and location. But with this blog, it's different. This blog is about me and my journey... with no false information.

In the past, the people I knew in real life (and not through a blogging community) never read my other blogs. And I guess I lost touch of that with this blog... Apparently I have a lot of friends that check in with me often here and to them I would like to say both THANK YOU and I'M SORRY.

Thank you for your support and for caring. It means a lot to me - probably more than you will ever know. And I'm sorry for all the negativity that fills this particular blog and that that's all you're getting when you check in. :(

My life is not consumed with negativity as it might seem like through some of my posts. It's really not.

I come here to get shit out of my head in the hopes that it doesn't fester and cause a problem down the line. And I very rarely re-read what I write because, frankly, I have no desire to re-live the thoughts again.

So while I do appreciate you checking in and stuff, know that the negativity doesn't consume my every waking hour. Know that I haven't lost my mind completely. Know that I really am doing quite well and that I still consider life to be a wonderful gift.

It's just a bit of a rough journey right now that will, one day soon, get better.

Peace, love, and happiness (and puppies and rainbows :wink: ),

P.S. I still don't have my period and I still won't POAS and I still *hate* the waiting game. :P


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