Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holy Hell

I just re-read what I wrote last night. I'm a fucking loser sometimes.

Oh well.

I can't always be Super-aunt/wife/daughter/sister/friend. Sometimes, I have to let go of those reigns and let someone else put on the cape.

The sad thing is that usually I feel let down when that happens.

And then I feel like a bigger loser.


Kimz said...

So you're saying sometimes you are human? Don't for one second apologize for your feelings, they are YOUR feelings and very real. You have experienced a loss and your are grieving that loss. Please know that even though life does go on around you that there are people that think about you all the time, including me! Take care of yourself!

Espresso Mom said...

NO! I won't even take that post. You are entitled to any feelings you experience. There's not a single reason you could give me to tell me you aren't. What you went through is TERRIBLE. It will get easier. But don't ever tell yourself that you aren't allowed emotions. You have a whole group of friends that think about you all the time. We are here for you.

LOG said...

You are NOT a loser. And you are not sad or pathetic for feeling the way you do. I felt EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. It's normal, and fine, and you are GOING TO BE A MOM.

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