Thursday, August 21, 2008

More dreams

I've been dreaming vividly every single night lately... Last night I dreamed of my favorite rocker, Bryan Adams. It was a bit odd, but it's a dream so I suppose it's supposed to be odd, eh?

I had long, straight, frizzy hair that I tried to wear in two braids. I remember this because at one point I tried fixing my hair (in the dream) and ended up having to take it out of the braids and re-braiding it.

Anyway, Bryan was this FBI agent or something - and he was there teaching a bunch of "us" how to become detectives. I knew it was actually "the" Bryan Adams, and so did the rest of the "class" but Bryan wrote his name on the chalkboard as Bryan Granitza. I couldn't believe he chose the last name of Granitza as it's the last name of my favorite childhood soccer player.

Bryan tried to teach us how to become good detectives and he occasionally would break into song and I couldn't concentrate on anything he said, but rather could only concentrate on him as Bryan Adams. He wore dirty, worn out jeans; black boots; black t-shirt; and his dirty blonde hair was pretty messy. He looked like... Bryan Adams.

I asked him some random question, but I think it had to do with songwriting as opposed to FBI work and he answered me in song. He started talking but turned into a rhyme and by the end of the answer, he was singing and I was in awe. The rest of the class didn't seem to amused, however.

At one point we were all outside doing some sort of field training or something. Bryan was driving this tractor trailer around singing to himself and tapping his old boots. He was clearly in a different place.

That's when a bunch of my classmates attacked him and left him to die. I was beside myself because I had to pretend like I was on my classmates' side and not caring for Bryan when in reality I wanted to cry and scream and attack my classmates. They were all running around like crazy freaks and I tried joining in but I didn't leave Bryan too far out of sight. At one point I had run back toward the tractor that held the folded over Bryan and I realized he was still breathing and he looked at me as if to scream help.

That's when I realized I had straight long hair (as opposed to the short curly mop I currently have in real life) because I went to twirl my hair to calm my nerves... and that's when I re-braided my hair because I was stalling rejoining the others.

That's all I can remember clearly... I'm pretty certain I got him some help as I remember pulling him somewhere and getting a couple of the others to help me. But that's really all I can remember.

These dreams are making me crazy lately!


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