Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bitter much?

Welp... It's that time of year again. Time for the company I work for (and I'm pretty certain I'm not alone here) to change insurance company's again. I get it, I do; I'd much rather HR work their asses off to find an insurance that will offer us a lower deductible than to just stick it out with the same ole same ole but holy headache!

Today's meeting was 2 hours. And I'm still confused.

In the past, we were only offered a PPO health insurance. This time, they're offering an HMO. And while I said I would never go the HMO route again... they sure did entice me. We'll see what the old man has to say about it but I've already checked and both my Primary Care doctor as well as that ever loving OBGYN are in-network -- whether I go the HMO or PPO route. I dunno. It just seems like if I have a doctor in the HMO, I'm going to save a shitload of money. And lord knows if this year is anything like the past two years, I'm gonna need all the money I can save.

After the two hour meeting, one of my coworkers asked me what I thought: "Are you happy about the new insurance," she shrieked. I looked up from the work that has been piling on my desk all week. "Well it doesn't really matter for you," she continued, "since it's just you and Stephen. You can continue to get the single insurance and not pay."

I glared at her as the diarrhea about her daughter and her this and her husband and her that ran from her mouth.

She didn't get it... the diarrhea ran from her mouth and down her little business suit and formed a puddle below her ugly brown 1985 pumps. I just looked at her and she started to sound like a Charlie Brown character, Wah Wah Wah-Wah-Wah.

"Have a good evening," I finally spat as I typed something on a spreadsheet, turning my attention back toward the computer monitor.

It's been six months, I told myself. To her it's all over with. She probably doesn't even remember. And if she does remember, it's just not a big enough deal to her when she's got her two precious kids to worry about.

That reminds me... Stephen asked me if I was "Bitter much?!" the other day whilst looking for knitting supplies (yeah we've taken up a new hobby) after I mentioned I wanted to learn how to knit adorable baby stuff for everyone else's babies since we don't have one yet.

Yeah, apparently some days I still am bitter. And??? ;)


Kelli said...

You know what, you are entitled. Being bitter sometimes is natural. I know I definitely have it somedays. Here's hoping you get to be less bitter soon and others can be jealous and bitter of you! ha ha.

Kim said...

You always find a way to make me crack up and then hug you all at once Christina! What a visual with the diarrhea dripping down her suit! Smack her once for me, will ya?

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