Friday, March 27, 2009

My husband

He's had this awful cough now for about a week. He's tried three different cough medicines, an allergy med, and even some inhaler thing -- all over the counter, almost all recommended by a pharmacist. He went to a Minute Clinic last weekend as well and they wouldn't prescribe him anything.

Yet he keeps fucking coughing and at completely inopportune times. I love him but he's driving me fucking nuts.

Tonight, he didn't come to bed until 3AM. Not because he was coughing, but because we finally got internet access. Then when he finally crawls his ass into bed, what happens? TWO AND A HALF HOURS OF NON STOP COUGHING AND MOANING AND BODY JERKING.

Finally after I threatened to leave the room once again (had to sleep on the couch the other night, too), he asked if I could start the shower for him as it helped him the other night (you know, when I "slept" on the couch).

I don't understand it. Why the fuck wait nearly three hours before giving in and taking a shower which allowed you to sleep afterward last time?!? WTF is the purpose?

Yeah so now, 4 hours after the whole bullshit coughing fit began, he's sound fucking asleep -- no coughing whatsoever -- and I'm in here on the fucking computer, scratching my eyes because I'm so fucking tired.

He had BETTER get his ass up and to work today because I cannot handle another day of this bullshit.

"My mother would say that I have an aversion to work," he's commented more than once this past week. Um, considering the fucking apartment is littered with boxes STILL -- after you've been off work for one fully week, I'm starting to see why she would say such a thing.

Yay for spending the rest of my life with a child who's really a grown ass man.


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