Monday, March 9, 2009

I sure hope I'm not jumping the gun here

... but we signed a lease yesterday contingent on the building owner completing the remodel and contingent on our credit check being sufficient.


We're so disgustingly excited! :) Over an apartment for crying out loud. I mean, yeah, I can sorta see being giddy over something we bought, but this is something we're just renting... Maybe it's the fact that it's an apartment building converted into brand spanking new condos. Six total and three have been bought before the market took a horrible dive and now the builder decided to just rent out the others. And we were fortunate to be one of the lucky ones to see this!

I've never in my life lived in anything new. And this place is brand new. But it has old bones. And old bones, IMO (when it comes to building structures these days), are much more sound than some new ones. And this place is so damn new, that the one we rented, still needs delivery and installation of all the brand new appliances INCLUDING IN-UNIT WASHER/DRYER!!! Ack, I'm so excited. :)

And the best part of it all - aside for both of us being closer to work (believe me when I say even 20 minutes difference in the summertime in this city makes a WORLD of difference) - is that we're only paying $50 more a month that we currently are for something much more nicer and much more ... Us.

Here's the Living room of the model unit:

See the windows? OMG, so fucking adorable! We're going to put a little table and chairs there under that light fixture and use it as our dining area! :) I cannot WAIT to finally be able to sit down at an actual table and eat my meal as opposed to on the couch!

And here's the model Kitchen:

Our unit is actually opposite of this layout and will come with all black BRAND NEW appliances as opposed to stainless steel.

I'll probably post more pictures in a couple weeks after we get the keys and move in. OMG I'm so happy. :) It's such a great building and a GREAT space.

Now all we have to do is pack up all this shit in the next two weeks. Anyone wanna earn an extra couple of dollars? ;) :D


Angie said...

That's AWESOME, Christina!

Espresso Mom said...

It's beautiful! I'll help you move in if you don't mind a few little hellions running around under foot!

Christine W. said...

Congratulations, Christina! This apartment/condo looks absolutely amazing. I'm so glad you found something you love.

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