Friday, April 24, 2009

A BLOG-related decision

I'm a pretty private person and that's mainly because I have major trust issues. Most people that know me, know this. That said, when it came to this blog, I didn't want it to be private. This is the second blog that's completely me... but really, it's just an extension of the first blog - the BFP blog. Anyway, in the past, I've always blogged my thoughts and whatnot, but I changed names and locations and never revealed *anything* that could be related back to it belonging to me... I'm not aiming to hurt anyone after all. My purpose when blogging is therapeutic.

Enough rambling though.

My point to this post is to let you, the reader (like all three of you), know that I'm going private.

I thought of going private about a month ago when a buttload of internet peeps and myself got into a tiff, but decided against it because ... well, because this is my blog and there's information here, particularly about dealing with miscarriage and loss and grieving, that I *want* to share with people who need a glimpse into something like that.

But I think I'm done with all that.

It was cool while it lasted, but I'm done. I can either create a brand new blog and make that one private or falsify like others in the past or I could make this one private. I'm not starting over so I'm choosing the latter.

If you want to continue to read, please just subscribe by following the directions provided by blogger once I make the change. If you're just a nosey lurker, fuck you.



Amy said...

I'm one of those 3! I hope you know that you are in my prayers often...don't make it over to greasy or anywhere else often but I try to keep up with you. Take care! Hugs, Amy (peanutsmom)

christina said...

Oh Amy/Peanutsmom! Please just sign up when blogger tells you it's private! I'll be accepting anyone who does so, I promise! Hope you and yours are doing well (I don't make it over yonder either)... and if you talk to Pirate, please send him a hug from me. Hugs to you, too!

Christine said...

I'm another one! Make that 4, I'm guessing you don't know I stalk you. :) (in a good way!). Miss you.

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