Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Well it's been 33 days since the surgery and still no sign of AF. I did POAS Friday and it was, without a doubt, only one line (negative). In a way I was relieved because at least it means that when I do get a BFP, it won't be a false positive... right? But in another sense, I was a little down because it means I still have to play the Waiting Game.

And I'm just not a big fan of the Waiting Game.

I've never had to wait this long to get my period. I (obviously) had very regular cycles when I was on the Pill for umpteen years - and up till I got my BFP two months ago, my cycles were still very regular, never going over 30 days.

And here I am at 33 days.

I won't POAS again until my birthday on Saturday, though because any other PMS or BFP symptoms just aren't there: My boobs don't hurt; I've had cramps here and there but only for a couple minutes at a time and very sporadically; I've always had a pretty keen sense of smell so yesterday's raunchy reaction to potatoes (they were cooked like risotto) wasn't too abnormal I don't think; I've always had sporadic heart burn so who knows if that's a 'symptom'.

S says the doctor told me it could take a couple months for my body to realize that I need to get my period again so all I can do is wait.

I suppose it's for the best anyway as I haven't been getting much sleep lately due to where I live. Have I bitched about that lately?

Yeah, I hate where I live. I hate my neighbors, I hate the commute, I hate everything about where I live except for one thing - my husband. If it weren't for him, I'd be outta here yesterday.


We have so much shit to do today because yesterday was spent as if we were hungover due to getting no sleep the night before... not because we wanted this to happen but because the neighbors below us decided to have a party till 5AM and then one of the party goers realized her key was in the house with all the passed out drunk people. It's enough to make me vomit so I'm not going there. I'm just fucking tired of being this old and living but a bunch of people who should be in a fucking frat house or something.

So today when we should be doing nothing but relaxing, we have to clean clean clean and go out and do some laundry. And it's fucking hot out again.

God, am I just a big ol' ray of sunshine these days.

I really need to change my tune. Really and desperately. I'm sick and tired of doing nothing but bitching lately... it's draining.


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