Saturday, May 30, 2009

quick update

We're heading over to my darling grandmother's today to celebrate her 85th birthday. I love this woman with my entire heart and entire being. I ache when I think of losing her but I know that nobody is immortal.

If things would've panned out the way they were supposed to, we'd be bringing our almost 3-month old baby along. Is it morbid that I think like that? Maybe so but it's what I feel. And that makes me sad because I NEED a picture of my grandmother with my child. This HAS to happen. I'm not naive enough to believe that my child will get to know my grandmother because, well, there is no child and my grandmother is 85. But a picture?? If I could just get a picture of them, then I can keep her alive in stories... Ack, and now I'm crying. So stupid!

Anyway, tomorrow S and I leave for a mini vacation. We're only driving a couple hours north and staying there for a couple days before coming home on Wednesday. Our 2 year wedding anniversary is Monday so we're going to celebrate that... I wonder if we'd still be going if we had an almost 3 month old on our hands. Probably. Our life will be even more enriched, after all, once we have a little family. That's what I believe, at least.


Angie said...

I totally understand your grandmother/child thing. I still cry when I flip through my wedding album because there aren't any photos of me with my grandma. ::hugs::

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