Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not giving up!

S and I were just discussing the bullshit that seems to have invaded our lives in regards to people getting pregnant and popping out babies left and right.

"Are you telling me you've given up?" S asked.

"About having a child?" I asked in return. "About becoming a mom?"

"Yes, it sounds like you've just given up."

"No, I haven't given up," I spat. "I will never give up to becoming a mom!"

And I won't. Ever.

It's just very frustrating some times... but I know I will make a wonderful mom and I know a child will be blessed to have us both as parents. And it's that knowledge that leads me to believe that I WILL become a mom.

It's just taking longer - much longer - than anticipated. I mean, hell, most people who think about having kids think about being done with having kids by my age. And here we are just starting out. It just sucks sometimes, that's all... but I won't ever give up on it.


Anonymous said...

I know last week was incredibly difficult for you -- heck, the last three months have been excruciating -- and I really admire your courage. Please don't give up hope. You and S will be amazing parents.

kimz said...

Amen to that Christina! You will be a Super Mom!


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