Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do I or don't I?

That's the burning question.


I'm on CD22 and 12 digital, expensive-as-hell OPK sticks later and still no smiley face! :(

So do I or don't I ... buy more sticks? We're already out $70 this month (they're $40 for seven fucking sticks! but we were lucky to find ONE box on sale).

My boobs hurt so I know AF is coming. I guess I could've O'd early and I'm really just k/u. But it's very doubtful.

I really am not a fan of this TTC bullshit. I just want to make that clear.


Anonymous said...

It's clear that you want to be a mother very badly, so spending more on OPKs shouldn't be a question. What lengths are you willing to go to for your dream? Another $40? $80? $1,000?

Kimz said...

I didn't realize those suckers were so expensive! Why can't they have $ store OPKs? Personally I'd just FWAP for the next couple of days, but assume that I might have ovulated early this month. Fingers crossed! Or you could just buy a new pack and sell them to one of the GGGs next month if you get your bfp.

Mommy (to be - someday) said...

Anon, you're right. And that's why I bought another box shortly after I posted this. :) And yay, Target sells them for $10 less than Walgreens!

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